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No one likes getting stuck in the backseat middle.

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Anarchy and Korra: Brief Notes

I’m not gonna lie, when Korra was talking to Zaheer, I got flashbacks of my first anarchy class because before then, I honestly thought that lack of government powers would indefinitely lead to “chaos”.

But, essentially, chaos is not negative. Chaos is a state of being. It can be positive or negative or even neutral. And, from what I can see, Zaheer comes from the Taoist perspective where “chaos” is really spontaneity. It makes sense that Zaheer is so learned on Airbender Nomad history; it’s because it was in line with his philosophy.

I’m just…so happy with the writing this episode. It ushered in a tough subject and provided two sides. Yes, there was bias (I highly doubt Korra will become an anarchist by the end of Book 3), but the narrative allowed Zaheer to speak his peace and, thankfully, he didn’t sound like he was a raving cultist…not much, anyway.Certainly not as much as Amon who merely rambled and presented few good arguments when speaking of non-bender oppression.

And, can you believe it, it was written by Michael DiMartino! It really goes to show that DiMartino and Konietzko work far, far better in groups than on their own. This episode was a ride from start to finish. Bravo.

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